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Privacy and Security Information

Beam believes in providing an online experience that is safe, transparent, and rooted in integrity.

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At Beam your privacy is important to us. That’s why we want to be as transparent as possible about what data we collect, what we do with it, and how we keep it safe. In addition, Beam requires all Business Associates to follow Beam privacy policies if and when they receive personal information from Beam. For more information, please consult our privacy documents.

If you have questions regarding Brushing Data and its usage, please consult our Help Center.


Beam takes extensive steps to protect the security of your information, including using physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. Beam takes appropriate efforts to protect personal information stored on our Websites or App from unauthorized access using applicable security controls (such as firewalls) as well as carefully developed security procedures and practices.

It is important to note that no method of safeguarding information is 100% secure. We will make all efforts to ensure the protection of your personal information, however, we cannot guarantee that our safeguards will be fully effective or sufficient to prevent every single attempted breach of our security system.

Training for employees

We provide mandatory security and compliance training to all of our employees so they are better equipped to keep your data safe.

Secure email transmissions

Beam encrypts the data it sends using TLS, and customer data is encrypted using industry best encryption standards like AES-256 or shared with a secure file sharing service.

Data storage

Beam uses cloud-based, third-party providers with high security and privacy standards that are HIPAA compliant.

3rd party security and redundancy

We ensure that all of our third-party vendors meet our security data protection standards before using them.

Breach notification

If we learn of a breach of our security system or processes, we may attempt to notify you electronically so that you can take appropriate protective steps. In the event of a breach, we may post a notice on the website or send you an email at the email address you provided.

Reporting Security Issues

If you believe you have found a security issue with one of our products or services, please report the issue to Do not take advantage of the vulnerability or problem you have discovered, for example by downloading more data than necessary to demonstrate the vulnerability or deleting or modifying other people's data, especially in regards to customer Personal Health Information (PHI). Beam might take legal action against individuals who we discover as having infiltrated our systems or otherwise initiated a security breach. However, if the individual does so and then promptly notifies us without taking further action  regarding the discovered bug/vulnerability/breach, we may offer a “safe haven” and not seek to take action against them.

It's helpful if you include your name and contact information with each report. If you would prefer to send your information securely, you can use PGP encryption to protect your report by using Beam’s Public PGP Key.

Please describe the issue in detail, including (for example): the date and time when the issue was first discovered, details needed to reproduce the issue, and a Proof of Concept. Screenshots and videos can also be useful. We will attempt to respond to your report within 10 business days.

We take these reports seriously, so we ask that you keep your findings confidential. Any publication of your findings prior to remediation of the issue may put personal information at risk.


Prevention and detection of fraud and abuse is in everyone’s best interest. Preventing fraudulent activities can help lower costs and increase overall satisfaction for providers, members, and employers.

Fraudulent claims lead to insurers paying claims they don't owe which has an impact on insurance premiums. Beam strives to protect our customers by thoroughly investigating claims of insurance fraud and referring those who commit fraud to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Signs of Fraud

  • Billing for services not rendered—either by using genuine patient information, sometimes obtained through identity theft, to fabricate entire claims or by padding claims with charges for procedures or services that did not take place.
  • Billing for more expensive services or procedures than were provided or performed, commonly known as “upcoding,” i.e., falsely billing for a higher-priced treatment than what was rendered. For example, a dentist may perform a dental prophylaxis (routine cleaning) but file the claim for 4 quadrants of scaling and root planing.
  • Misrepresenting non-covered treatments as medically necessary covered treatments for purposes of  obtaining insurance payment.
  • Performing medically unnecessary services solely for the purpose of generating insurance payments.
  • Waiving of member deductible and/or co-payment (viewed as overbilling the insurance company).
  • Alterations on the bill or claim form, e.g., erasures, strikeovers, whiteout, or correction tape.

How can you report fraud?

If you suspect fraud, please report it to or 1-800-648-1179.


Beam uses Mouseflow: a website analytics tool that provides session replay, heatmaps, funnels, form analytics, feedback campaigns, and similar features/functionality. Mouseflow may record your clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, form fills (keystrokes) in non-excluded fields, pages visited and content, time on site, browser, operating system, device type (desktop/tablet/phone), screen resolution, visitor type (first time/returning), referrer, anonymized IP address, location (city/country), language, and similar meta data. Mouseflow does not collect any information on pages where it is not installed, nor does it track or collect information outside your web browser.
If you'd like to opt-out, you can do so at If you'd like to obtain a copy of your data, make a correction, or have it erased, please contact us first or, as a secondary option, contact Mouseflow at

For more information, see Mouseflow’s Privacy Policy at

For more intormation on Mouseflow and CCPA visit

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Dental and vision insurance products underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL), Madison, WI, marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC (Beam Benefits Insurance Services LLC, in CA). Group dental policy form number NDNGRP 2020 and group vision policy form number NVIGRP 2020. Dental and vision products underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, OH in NY, DE, ID, LA, UT, OH, TX, NM, NH, NC (dental only) and NV (vision only). Dental coverage applicable to policy form GDTL AO L20, or state equivalent and vision policy form GVIS AO L20, or state equivalent. Dental and vision products administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC, in Texas). Vision insurance products underwritten by Vision Service Plan (VSP) in WA. Vision insurance products administered by Vision Service Plan Insurance Company.  Life insurance product is underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, OH, marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC (Beam Benefits Insurance Services LLC, in CA) and administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC in Texas). Life and AD&D coverage applicable to policy form GLIF AO L20, or state equivalent.  Life product is not available to members living in Puerto Rico and product availability may vary by state. Program restrictions and exclusions apply. Accident, Hospital only Indemnity, and Critical Illness insurance products are underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, OH, marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC (Beam Benefits Insurance Services LLC, in CA) and administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC in Texas). Accident coverage applicable to policy form GCAS AO L20, or state equivalent, Hospital policy form GHOI AO L20, or state equivalent and Critical Illness policy form GCI AO L20, or state equivalent. Products not available in all states.


National Guardian Life Insurance Company, Madison, WI, is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a.k.a. The Guardian, or Guardian Life.

Nationwide and Beam Insurance Services LLC are separate and non-affiliated companies.

National Guardian Life Insurance Company, Two East Gilman, Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Nationwide Life Insurance Company, One Nationwide Plaza, Columbus, OH 43215

Vision Service Plan Insurance Company, 3333 Quality Drive Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Short-term disability and long-term disability insurance products are underwritten by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company and marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC (Beam Benefits Insurance Services LLC, in CA).


DHMO dental product available in CA, underwritten and administered by California Dental Network, marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC. Beam Perks™ and Beam Perks rewards program not available for DHMO product members.

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