Beam Hospital Indemnity: What you need to know about coverage

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Beam Hospital Indemnity helps cover expenses for hospital stays.

Needing to spend time in the hospital due to an illness or injury can result in financial difficulties, especially for individuals and families not prepared to handle a sudden medical bill. On average, a three-day hospital stay costs nearly $30,000.1 The last thing anyone should worry about is how to pay for a hospitalization.

Beam Benefits offers a portfolio of ancillary benefits, including supplemental health coverage, to help fill the gaps not covered by a traditional health plan. Beam Hospital Indemnity can provide financial relief for medical bills after a visit to the hospital.

What is Beam Hospital Indemnity?

Beam Hospital Indemnity is supplemental health coverage that helps cover medical expenses for a hospital stay. It pays a set dollar amount per day to a member in the hospital due to an accident or injury that’s not work-related. A cash benefit is payable regardless of what health insurance covers and can be used to offset out-of-pocket costs and non-medical expenses, such as a mortgage, groceries, and childcare services.

Beam Hospital Indemnity plan highlights:

  • Fixed payment made directly to the member per day in the hospital
  • Can be paid regardless of other medical coverage
  • No deductibles, and individuals are not limited to provider networks
  • Coverage may be available for the entire family

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The benefits of Beam Hospital Indemnity for members

A hospital indemnity plan gives members financial assistance by paying a per-day benefit for the duration of a hospital stay up to the benefit maximum so they can focus on recovery, not medical bills.

Payments are easy
Claims are processed quickly, so Beam members receive a direct cash payment.

Use the funds as you wish
Benefits can cover deductibles and copays or pay for non-medical expenses, such as travel and child care.

Coverage is typically guaranteed
Beam Hospital Indemnity is a guaranteed issue benefit but includes a pre-existing condition exclusion.

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Beam Hospital Indemnity terms to know

Pre-existing condition
An illness or injury for which an individual was diagnosed or treated within the 12-month period before their effective date of coverage. Pre-existing conditions include health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. No benefits are payable during the first 12 months of coverage if the hospital stay is due to a pre-existing condition.

Inpatient stay
An individual who’s admitted to a hospital for at least 24 hours or is under medical observation in a hospital for a minimum of 24 continuous hours.

ICU / CCU stay
The intensive care unit (ICU) or critical care unit (CCU) is a special hospital department that provides treatment and monitoring for people who are very ill. The daily benefit is doubled for overnight stays in an ICU or CCU.

Who should get Beam Hospital Indemnity coverage?

Traditional health plans may cover most costs with a hospital stay once copays and deductibles are met. However, there can still be a considerable amount of out-of-pocket expenses. If you’re not financially prepared for unexpected medical bills, you may want to consider Beam Hospital Indemnity.

Along with people who have a limited budget for hospital costs, the following groups benefit most from Beam Hospital Indemnity:

  • Individuals anticipating a medical procedure in the future that might require a hospitalization
  • Someone who plans on becoming pregnant, with coverage available for hospital stays
  • People with a high-deductible health plan

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Complement health plans with supplemental coverage

Beam Hospital Indemnity is one of several supplemental health plans that can be a cost-effective add-on to traditional coverage.

  • Beam Accident
    Cash benefits are available in the event of a covered accident or injury, including payments for non-medical expenses.
  • Beam Critical Illness
    A direct, lump-sum payment is made should a qualifying serious illness happen, such as a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

The bottom line

Beam Hospital Indemnity is invaluable supplemental health coverage that protects individuals and families from the financial hardships that can accompany a hospital stay and provides peace of mind when facing uncertain health challenges.

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