Beam Accident: What you need to know about coverage

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Beam Accident provides financial support for a non-work related accident or injury regardless of other health coverage.

In 2022, Americans racked up nearly $88 billion in debt due to medical bills.1 

A contributing factor to rising medical debt is that employees are paying higher premiums and more out-of-pocket costs for health benefits. At Beam Benefits, we’re evolving to best serve our groups and their employees. That’s why we offer a portfolio of ancillary benefits, including supplemental health coverage, to help fill the gaps of a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) and improve an employees’ financial wellness.

What is Beam Accident?

Beam Accident offers financial support for an accident or injury that’s not work-related. This supplemental health coverage pays cash benefits, regardless of other medical plans an individual may have, to help with out-of-pocket costs and non-medical expenses, such as a mortgage, groceries, and childcare services related to a qualifying injury.

No hassling with a benefit payment schedule or receiving only a portion of payout due to the accident type. Beam Accident reimburses medical charges up to the annual maximum benefit of a covered accident.

Beam Accident plan highlights:

  • Direct, lump-sum payment made to member
  • Plans pay up to an annual maximum benefit
  • Employer- and employee-paid plan options available

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The benefits of Beam Accident for members

Life happens. When it does, having a Beam Accident plan delivers financial security and peace of mind so members and their families can focus on recovery.

Coverage for medical expenses
Beam Accident provides financial protection in case of an accident or injury that’s not work-related.

Easy payout
Lump-sum cash payment is made directly to the Beam member.

Additional protection
Beam Accident plans can be written in conjunction with an HSA plan.

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Who should get Beam Accident?

People who are not financially prepared for a potential injury may want to consider Beam Accident coverage. In an era of rising health care costs and HDHPs, paying for unforeseen medical expenses is becoming more of a challenge. Beam Accident adds a layer of protection for copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Along with people who have a limited budget for unforeseen medical expenses, the following groups benefit most from Beam Accident:

  • Individuals who have health plans with high out-of-pocket costs
  • Families with a single source of income
  • Families with young children
  • People with an active lifestyle

Beam Accident terms to know

Annual benefit maximum
Maximum annual dollar amount a plan will pay based on billed medical charges related to a covered accident.

Individual and aggregate maximums
Separate annual benefit maximums are applicable on a per-person and family aggregate basis.

Benefit period
Medical expenses must be incurred within 180 days after a covered accident.

Loss period
Insured individuals must receive their first medical treatment within 30 days of the covered accident.

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Complement health plans with supplemental coverage

Beam Accident is one of several supplemental health plans that can be a cost-effective add-on to traditional coverage.

  • Beam Critical Illness
    Direct, lump-sum payment made in the event of a qualifying serious illness, such as a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.
  • Beam Hospital Indemnity
    Per-day cash benefit for an inpatient hospital stay due to a non-occupational accident or illness.

The bottom line

Accident benefit plans not only fill gaps not covered by traditional health coverage but also ensure financial stability, peace of mind, and access to reliable care during life’s unexpected twists and turns.

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1CFPB Estimates $88 Billion in Medical Bills on Credit Reports – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Available at:

Accident, Hospital only Indemnity and Critical Illness insurance products are underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, OH, marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC (Beam Benefits Insurance Services LLC, in CA) and administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC in Texas). Product availability may vary by state. Accident coverage applicable to policy form GCAS AO L20, or state equivalent, Hospital policy form GHOI AO L20, or state equivalent and Critical Illness policy form GCI AO L20, or state equivalent. Program restrictions and exclusions apply.


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