3 foolproof ways to leave your clients positively beaming

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Why Beam Benefits is the perfect solution to your clients’ ancillary employee benefits needs.

Why Beam Benefits is the perfect solution to your clients’ ancillary employee benefits needs

Brokers quote and work with Beam Benefits for many reasons. But what we hear most in the industry is that brokers are beaming because of our intuitive employee benefits and digitally-led technology platforms that make the experience shockingly simple. Layer on a full suite of ancillary benefits and our brokers have what they need to also make their clients beam.

Read on to discover the three foolproof ways you can leave your clients positively beaming.

1. Understand your clients’ needs and offer solutions with Beam’s technology platforms

In employee benefits, one of the most crucial elements for client satisfaction and long-term success is the ability to understand and cater to employee expectations in an ever-changing world. Achieving this is an art and solving the arising problems with technology is science. This is one of the cornerstones that distinguishes exceptional employee benefits brokers today.

Brokers, more than anyone else, recognize that each client's situation is distinct. To offer solutions that fit their needs, brokers must complete an in-depth needs assessment with their clients. This is where brokers can help prioritize their clients' pain points and goals while mapping out their recommendations.

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But time is precious. At Beam, we prioritize technology as the key for brokers when they are solutioning for clients. The Broker Quoting Tool creates fast, customized quotes while our Lighthouse digital platform simplifies all aspects of the benefits process, from claims and invoices to plan details and administration. There’s no question that technology is a powerful tool. In the ever-evolving landscape of employee benefits, understanding the client's needs and applying technology to solve problems is the formula for making clients beam with satisfaction.

2. Deliver ancillary benefits that are simple to understand and easy to implement

Employee benefits that are simple and easy to implement are invaluable commodities. Brokers play a pivotal role in helping organizations when they focus on the aspects of their clients' experience that really matter.

  • Clear and concise communication: Delivering easy-to-understand ancillary benefit plans starts with effective communication. Brokers should prioritize plain language explanations of these plans, avoiding jargon. Through clear communication, brokers can ensure that clients grasp the scope and value of these offerings.
  • Customization: Every organization has unique needs and preferences when it comes to employee benefits. Brokers can excel by tailoring ancillary benefits to align with the specific requirements of each client. This customization not only simplifies the plan but also makes it more relevant and appealing to employees.
  • Streamlined enrollment: The implementation of ancillary benefits should be a seamless process. Brokers can leverage technology to streamline enrollment, making it hassle-free for both employers and employees. Online platforms, user-friendly interfaces, and automated processes all contribute to this ease of implementation.
  • Employee education: Simplifying ancillary benefit plans extends to educating employees about the benefits they are receiving. Brokers can take the initiative to work with their providers to deliver comprehensive educational materials and conduct workshops to ensure that employees understand the value of these plans. Beam’s enrollment guide is a favorite tool for educating employees.
  • Ongoing support: Even after implementation, the broker’s role does not end; it’s just beginning. It’s essential that clients know you’re available to offer support and any assistance should an issue or question arise. Through our approach, brokers don’t just maintain their service quality; they amplify it. By partnering with Beam, brokers gain access to a wealth of resources and expertise, helping them excel in their role while delivering a top-notch employee benefits experience for their clients.

Brokers can significantly enhance their value to clients by delivering ancillary benefits that are easy to understand, easy to implement, and even easier to use. Through clear communication, customization, streamlined enrollment, employee education, and ongoing support, brokers can simplify what can often be a complex aspect of an organization's benefits package.

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3. Bundle ancillary benefits together for a cohesive client experience

Brokers are increasingly recognizing the advantages of bundling ancillary benefits together to create a cohesive client experience. This strategic approach not only simplifies benefits management but also provides a host of advantages for both brokers and their clients.

  • Streamlined administration: One of the primary advantages of bundling ancillary benefits is streamlining administrative duties. Instead of dealing with multiple providers, clients have a single point of contact for all their benefits, reducing administrative burdens for both employers and brokers.
  • Consistency and clarity: Bundling benefits promotes consistency and clarity in benefits communication. Clients can present a unified and comprehensive benefits package to their employees, making it easier for them to understand and appreciate the full range of offerings. This leads to improved employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Customization and flexibility: While bundling offers a unified approach, it doesn't sacrifice personalization. Brokers can still tailor a bundled package to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client. This flexibility ensures that clients receive benefits that align with their organizational culture and the demands of their workforce.
  • Comprehensive solutions: Clients can offer comprehensive solutions that address various aspects of their employees' well-being. From medical to dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental health benefits, employees benefit from a comprehensive package that promotes overall health and financial security.

The strategy of bundling ancillary benefits together fosters a cohesive client experience. It simplifies administration, improves communication, offers flexibility, and provides comprehensive solutions. Ultimately, it's a win-win for employee benefits brokers and their clients, leading to higher satisfaction and stronger client-broker relationships.

Over-deliver client satisfaction with Beam Benefits

In today's dynamic employee benefits landscape, success depends on a trifecta of client-centric strategies:

  1. Cutting-edge technology platforms that help brokers take their clients' unique needs and offer tailor-made solutions.
  2. Ancillary benefits that are easy to understand, easy to implement, and even easier to use.
  3. Bundling opportunities that create a unified and streamlined client experience, reducing administrative complexities while providing comprehensive solutions.

Beam offers these strategies and more. Submit a quote today and start positively beaming.

There is no discount associated with the bundling of products.