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Tech-Enabled Benefits Provider Beam Enhances Digital-First Insurance Experience

February 1, 2021

Tech-Enabled Benefits Provider Beam Enhances Digital-First Insurance Experience

COLUMBUS, Ohio, (Feb 1, 2021) — Beam Dental, the digital-first dental insurer that incorporates dental hygiene behavior into policy pricing, today announced an expansion of its Beam Perks rewards program and the introduction of a digital quoting tool. Beam Perks leverages a connected toothbrush to incentivize preventive dental care for members, and the digital quoting tool empowers brokers to receive quotes and complete the underwriting process in under 30 seconds.

Beam combines an easy-to-use online insurance platform, automated underwriting, and the smart Beam Brush to promote better oral health and deliver an innovative dental insurance experience. In addition to being the only dental benefits provider to use artificial intelligence to track how members take care of their teeth, Beam eliminated manual underwriting and automated the dental insurance value chain, from quotes to claims, for brokers, employers and members.

  • Beam Perks: Beam’s rewards program is a voluntary program that promotes preventative dental care by awarding points to members and their dependents for brushing their teeth for two minutes, twice per day. Members accumulate points using their Beam Brush, a smart electric toothbrush that tracks brushing behavior. Points can be redeemed for dental supplies, including brush heads, floss, and specially formulated Beam Paste.1
  • Digital Quoting Tool: With Beam’s automated quoting tool, brokers can input employer information, receive quotes, and complete the underwriting process in under 30 seconds — all without speaking to a sales representative. Brokers already using the tool through Beam’s pilot program have quadrupled the number of quotes they receive on a daily basis.2

“The need for digital-first capabilities in the employee benefits space has only become more prevalent over the last year, and Beam’s technology fills that need by empowering our brokers to deliver fast, accurate quotes to businesses of any size,” said Angela Dowdy, President of Dowdy Insurance, an Alabama-based Beam broker partner. “With Beam, we can help employers achieve increased accuracy and suitability with their dental plan pricing.”

The announcements follow a year of record growth in 2020, which saw Beam double revenue and number of members while expanding nationwide to over 40 states and 400,000 access points. In 2021, Beam will continue to upend dental benefits by incentivizing healthy behaviors, automating the proposal process, and forging new partnerships within the employee benefits ecosystem.

“As the modern workplace continues to take shape in 2021, employers will strive to offer comprehensive benefits packages that appeal to employees everywhere — whether their teams work in a traditional office space or remotely across the country,” said Alex Frommeyer, CEO and co-founder of Beam. “Beam gives employers an opportunity to invest in the overall health of their workforce by helping them take a proactive approach to dental hygiene.”

About Beam Dental

Beam Dental is a tech-enabled dental benefits provider that uses artificial intelligence to adjust premiums based on member brushing behavior. By combining end-to-end automation with algorithmic underwriting and its connected toothbrush, Beam helps brokers and employers ensure members get the most out of their dental benefits. Beam has raised over $80 million in venture capital funding and is the only digital-first company within the $75 billion dental insurance industry. Beam is available in over 40 states around the US and is accepted at over 400,000 access points nationwide.

Disclaimer: Dental insurance products underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company, and Nationwide Life Insurance Company in New York, marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC, and administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC, in Texas). National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a.k.a. The Guardian, or Guardian Life.

1 Availability and rewards may be limited due to incentive limits under applicable law.
2 Use of the Digital Quoting Tool not currently available in all states and contingent upon Broker's proper appointment and licensure.

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