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Employee Benefit News feature: How to integrate employee benefits and company culture

January 31, 2023

What's the point of offering robust employee benefits if employees don't know how to utilize them?

Employees think about health benefits most during enrollment or in a moment of need, otherwise operating with minimal awareness of what programs are available to them, or how to participate in those offerings. But as benefits have evolved to consist of so much more than just covered wellness visits and deductible choices, the disconnect is something that employers must work to fix.

"Hindering participation comes down to a two-headed monster: awareness and education," says Alex Frommeyer, CEO of benefits platform Beam Benefits. "Employers and their brokers have lacked the tools to land a message, which is notoriously difficult for any company. I advise employers to use the method of '10 different times in 10 different ways' — change when you deliver it, change how you deliver it. There's not always fantastic education; people learn in various ways, so you have to hit them everywhere."

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