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Rate guarantee offerTwo-Year Rate Guarantee

Give your clients the stability they need

With the current state of inflation and economic uncertainty, we understand that your clients are looking for stability in their benefits pricing. Introductory rates are appealing but not if they come with large rate increases at renewal.

Beam is offering a 2-year rate guarantee* on dental and vision quotes for groups  with 51-499 eligible employees when you quote with us now until 12/31/22 for groups with effective dates from 10/1/22 to 1/1/23.

Enroll your client with Beam

Year 1

Mid-contract open enrollment; your client's rates stay 
the same

Year 2

Your client has their first renewal with Beam

Year 3

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2-year rate guarantee only applies to new dental and vision quotes.

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Perks* that incentivize your clients to prioritize preventive care

Innovative quoting process for customized plans## and competitive pricing

Straightforward yet comprehensive products that clients can easily understand

Terms and conditions

*Terms & Conditions: 2022 Rate Guarantee Program
2-year rate guarantee applies to new dental and vision quotes received between 9/1/2022-12/31/2022 11:59pm EST. To qualify for the promotion, groups must not be currently enrolled with Beam or canceled within the past 12 months and have between 51-499 eligible employees. Groups must have a policy effective date between 10/1/2022-1/1/2023 to qualify for the rate guarantee. Program does not limit the number of quotes received or number of brokers within the same brokerage that may participate.

Valid in all states in which Beam sells insurance, excluding Washington. Rate is subject to change during rate guarantee period due to State or Federal law changes. Beam Benefits may suspend or terminate this offer at any time for any reason. Each rate guarantee is separate and independent from commission. Applies to single employer groups only.

Quotes received through Gusto, Rippling and Allstate Benefits (National General) do not qualify for this promotion. Shelf rated plans excluded from this promotion. To receive the promotion groups must be quoted through their Beam sales representative or through the Beam Quoting Tool. Please check with your Beam representative to see if you're eligible. The personal information collected, processed and used as part of the promotion will be used in accordance with Beam Dental's Privacy Policy, which is available for your review at

Time frame and details
Year 1 and 2: Group signs a 2-year rate guarantee with Beam and will have a mid-contract open enrollment between years 1 and 2. The rates will remain the same between years 1 and 2 of the contract.